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Okay, I think I've got this figured out, at least for now...

I use five primary tools to post content and resources to the Web:

  1. Dangerously Irrelevant - where I put my longer, hopefully more thoughtful writing and have extended conversations with readers
  2. Twitter - where I share resources and converse with others in shorter snippets
  3. Delicious - where I bookmark sites that I want to use or revisit later (although I don't use this as much as I should)
  4. Mind Dump - where I put things that I want to capture (e.g., quotes, videos, images) for posterity; my personal archive for stuff that is too short or off-topic for Dangerously Irrelevant but also is too long for Twitter or Delicious (i.e., I want more than just the URL and a few keywords)
  5. Google Reader - where I share out items from my incoming RSS feeds that I think will be of interest to others
  6. I'm now using TwitterFeed to feed everything from Dangerously Irrelevant, Mind Dump, Delicious, and Google Reader to Twitter and Facebook. Everything that goes through Twitter also is sent automatically to LinkedIn and Google Buzz. So if you're following me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Google Buzz, you should see everything that I'm sharing out. And, of course, many of you have put Dangerously Irrelevant and/or Mind Dump in your RSS readers (thank you!).

    I could use Evernote for sharing publicly but instead I use it to archive things that need to be more private than Mind Dump (such as meeting notes, my highlights from Kindle books, and the HTML coding for my web sites). I also use other social media sites such as Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo but I share their content through my five main channels above.

    The Shareaholic extension for Google Chrome makes all of this much easier. It also allows me to post items to Digg, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Mixx, and other aggregation / sharing sites as desired.

    The feeds for Dangerously Irrelevant, Mind Dump, Delicious, and Google Reader all have been run through Feedburner so I can monitor RSS subscribers. I set up TwitterFeed to run everything through so I can track how often items get retweeted. I also am using Google Analytics.

    For those of you who are interested, here are the URLs and RSS/email feeds for my five main channels:

    1. Dangerously Irrelevant (RSS / email) [you also can subscribe to any blog category]
    2. Mind Dump (RSS / email)
    3. Twitter (RSS)
    4. Delicious (RSS)
    5. Google Reader (RSS)
    6. And here are some of my other sites, including the folders that I share from Google Reader (so you can read what I do!):

      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • Flickr (RSS)
      • YouTube (RSS)
      • Vimeo - personal (RSS)
      • Vimeo - CASTLE (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - 1:1 Schools (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Baseball (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Blogs for Busy Administrators (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Blogs That Deserve a Bigger Audience (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - CASTLE Blogs (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Education (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Educational Leadership (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Educational Technology (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Higher Education (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Iowa (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Law (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Marketing (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Miscellaneous (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Principal Blogs (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - School Law Blogs (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Superintendent Blogs (RSS)
      • Google Reader folder - Technology (RSS)
      • I think I've got all this set up so that there's no duplication in any one place. For a while there, for example, I was posting the same resource more than once in Facebook. If you notice any future duplication, please let me know.

        Is there anything I'm missing, forgetting, or also should be doing?

        Happy reading!

        [hat tip to Jose Vilson, who's apparently in the same mindset I am these days]

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