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World Government plan: foreign armies to police America

This conspiracy map shows a world in which all national armies police places far from home, as a way of enforcing World Government.
How World Government would work: foreign armies keep the peace

The United Nations or similarly sinister institutions aspiring to global dominance play the starring role in quite a few conspiracy theories, the basic premise of which is that there is a secret plot to abolish the national sovereignty of all the world’s countries and install some sort of world government. One variant of that theory, discussed in #286, shows a world dominated by a small number of states, among which an expanded USA, within the framework of a New World Order.

This secret map here, stencilled for added clandestinity, shows another option: a world where expanded spheres of influence have been replaced by total interdependence, with national armies policing places far away from home. Only in North America are the ‘peacekeeping’ armies clearly labelled:

  • Canada would be policed by Mongolian, German and Russian troops.
  • The Irish army would be stationed in the Pacific states of the US.
  • The Midwest would be patrolled by the Belgian army.
  • The Russians would police the South of the US
  • Colombian and Venezuelan troops would patrol the Northeast of the US.
  • Mongolian troops would be stationed in Mexico.

In turn, US troops would be stationed in Regions 12 (Australia), 32 (Uruguay, Argentina), 55 (Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, Roumania (sic) and Bulgaria), 58 (Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia), 75 (India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)), and 85 (the Kazakh, Turkmen, Uzbegh, Tadzhik and Kirghiz Soviet Republics).

There’s a bit of explanation on how this would work, under the title: WORLD GOVERNMENT PLAN – ALIENS TO POLICE U.S.A.

This map, adopted in 1952 in London by the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government, shows what alien troops would occupy and police the six regions into which the United States and Canada would be divided.

The ruling body or World Parliament would consist only of appointed members. It would reflect population-strengths; so Asia would dominate it.

There would be a World Director, 8 zone directors and 51 regional directors. None of the zone or regional directors would ever serve in their own countries. So an alien (i.e. a non-national, not an actual extraterrestrial, ed.) would command troops stationed in the U.S. and through them enforce World Government Law, and prevent Americans from “sheltering behind national allegiance”.

On the side of the map, a note further explains:

This is the world troop map. Don’t let it scare you. It is presented here to show that the planning has been extensive, and of long-standing, to place the U.S.A. under a world army-police system. By stopping the funding to the United Nations and cancelling the “United Nations Participation Act of 1945 (and amendments) we could literally “pull the plug” on the whole world government apparatus. Public law 87-297 should also be repealed which is the cause of our bases being closed and our armed forces being merged with the Russian and Chinese armies.

It’s a bit puzzling that a plot so sinister, the planning for which has been so extensive, could be stopped simply by repealing a few laws, and by ending US funding of the UN. Another weakness of the conspiracy theory is that there doesn’t seem to be or ever have been a World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government.

But the Pugwash Movement, mentioned in the first text box, does seem to exist, and does seem to be concerned with worldwide disarmament; their website does not mention the arrest, trial and execution of anyone resisting disarmament. But then they wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?

Thanks to Darko Stanicic (sounds like a real Region 55 name) for sending in this map.

Strange Maps #303

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