Stone Age Administrator award?

Sometimes a story is just so egregiously stupid that you not only have to post about it but encourage others to spread the word too. This might be one of those situations (hat tip to Jon Becker)...

This picture is of a 5-year-old kid named Adriel Arocha. His family wants to move to Needville, Texas. Adriel is of Native American heritage and has never cut his hair in his life. No big deal, right? Well, apparently it is because the superintendent of the Needville Schools, Curtis Rhodes, won't allow Adriel to enroll in kindergarten unless he cuts his hair. Why? Because - unbelievably in 2008 - the district doesn't allow boys to have long hair. Really.

Read the article in the Houston Press, particularly the part where the superintendent defends the school district's backwardness. Check out Adriel's family's blog about the situation. Feel free to publicly ridicule this school district because Curtis Rhodes is giving administrators everywhere a bad name. What university trained this guy?

Maybe it's time to create a Stone Age Administrator award...

Photo credit: Houston Press

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