Still trying!!!!

Thank you for your reply. This is an honest and straightforward answer, it is from a woman that speaks the truth.

If "All you have to do is say you have the solutions, for instance how to

save the polar bears that are drowning."

If that were true all you would have to do in you own words is show aspartame is poison with science logic and reason. How many lies of deception have you faced? Media blackouts etc. I know the game well...

That is not the case now is it.

This is much more complex and layered than speaking just the truth. I was asking you to have faith in an unknown I did not want you to

write the solution just help write a letter or let people know I AM LOOKING TO CHAT WITH Sir Richard Brandson and Al Gore live (so it can not be edited)

regarding solutions innovations I have compiled over a 20 year period.

I still wish for you to be there on this day. I know this sounds 'out there' but why? There was an offer of a reward and I want my moment with professional 'experts' to verify the truth. I want to remain unknown as a symbol of God. You must believe in your fellow man. I have many representatives I don't care who the face is.

This meeting of minds MUST TAKE PLACE.

I do want some of that money though.


Stay in contact!

You just got to believe.

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