Still Chasing Music Pirates After All These Years

Eircom, an Irish telecom company, has signed a deal with the world's four largest record labels, EMI, Sony, Warner, and Universal, in an attempt to stamp out the illegal downloading of music, according to the Irish Times. The plan consists of a “three strikes and you’re out” system, and they're not kidding around. If you're found to be illegally sharing copyrighted material three times, Eircom will cut off your broadband connection. You might as well live in a cave.

Eircom will hire a third-party specialist company to police peer-to-peer networks and so far, no other internet provider has a deal like this in place. Britain did appear to be doing something similar, but intellectual property minister David Lammy was wary of "arresting teenagers in their bedrooms."

Will this system work? Probably not. There are countless other methods that any relatively skilful computer hack can use to get music for free—cutting one of the heads from a Hydra only to be left to watch as two more grow back. The Music Industry should just get used to that.

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