Here's Exactly the News Donald Trump Sees When He's on Twitter

The Washington Post created a Twitter account that automatically retweets all the tweets from the people whom President Donald Trump follows.

Here’s a claim that seems rock solid in the post-truth era: People are conceptualizing reality in wildly different ways, especially since the election of President Donald Trump.

Part of the blame can be placed on “filter bubbles,” which form when website algorithms analyze a person's searches and personal information to deliver them news stories on which they’re likely to click—stories that affirm their existing beliefs. The result is a personalized media landscape that's ideologically homogenous.

“(Technologies such as social media) lets you go off with like-minded people, so you're not mixing and sharing and understanding other points of view,” Bill Gates said to Quartz in 2017. “It's super important. It's turned out to be more of a problem than I, or many others, would have expected.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg echoed this sentiment, calling filter bubbles one of the company’s two “most discussed concerns” of 2016, in addition to inaccurate news stories.

(Source: Gisela Giardano/Flickr)

As it becomes clearer how filter bubbles are coloring our interpretations of people, events and ideas, an obvious question arises for America's first “Twitter President”: What does Trump’s filter bubble look like?

@trumps_feed, a Twitter account created by the Washington Post, provides a glimpse. The account retweets all the tweets sent out by people whom Trump follows, effectively replicating what he sees when he uses the app. See for yourself below:

Tweets by trumps_feed


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