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Starts With A Bang

The Universe needs you!

Starts With A Bang on Medium is a labor of love: a love for the story of the Universe as it tells us about itself. It’s a story unlike any other, and a story that we can find out to the exact precision at which we’re willing to ask our questions. We’ve recently hit a number of milestones, including:

  • Some amazing stories about black holes and Hawking’s (unconvincing) solution to the black hole information paradox.
  • A special on the oldest puzzles that gravity has to offer.
  • And why some of Star Trek’s greatest ideas will never become reality.

As always, you can always read everything in full for free, but if you’d like to help make some amazing things happen, we do have a Patreon campaign that has already hit our first two milestones, and is closing in on our third: we’re just $125 away!

All supporters already receive a bonus monthly newsletter — complete with upcoming astronomical events for the month — and supporters at the $3.00/month level and up have received an advanced chapter (chapter 2) of our upcoming book: Beyond The Galaxy, which centers around the revolution of Einstein’s general relativity and what it brought to our understanding of the Universe.

You can not only get in on the action, but at the next reward tier — and we’re 3/4 of the way there — I’ll begin creating monthly podcasts on our favorite topics about the Universe: again, free for everyone, but available early to my patrons. Support us today if you can, and thanks for being a fan regardless!


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