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Starts With A Bang

Starts With A Bang Podcast #48: The Event Horizon Telescope

You’ve seen a black hole’s event horizon for the first time thanks to them. But they’re only getting started.

Earlier this year, 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration revealed the first image that directly showed the existence of an event horizon around a black hole. This image, constructed from many petabytes of data from telescopes observing the same target, simultaneously, from all across the Earth, provided a breathtaking confirmation of Einstein’s relativity in a realm where it had never been tested before. But that’s just one image of one black hole at one particular moment in time, and there’s so much more to come from the Event Horizon Telescope.

This month, we’re so fortunate to sit down with EHT scientist Sara Issaoun, who takes us through the past, present, and future hopes for the Event Horizon Telescope and how it hopes to answer humanity’s biggest questions about black holes.

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