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Starts With A Bang

Starts With A Bang just got more rewarding!

Most of you know that we run a Patreon campaign for Starts With A Bang, enabling us to bring you the best content in the Universe, ad-free, here on Medium.

We’ve run some spectacular stories this month already, including about how superclusters don’t actually exist, how NASA’s Maven mission told us how Mars lost its atmosphere, and how the leading theory for the Solar System’s formation — the Nice Model — was just disproven!

Patrons already receive monthly newsletters, an advance book chapter (at $3 and up), and support the creation of monthly podcasts, which I’m super excited for.

But we’ve also added some new, tremendous rewards to our Patreon, and lowered the threshold at which we’ll reach them! This includes:

  • The creation of a timeline-of-the-Universe poster at $600/mo., a goal which we’re already over 80% of the way towards!
  • The ability for me to purchase new computer and A/V hardware and software, unlocked at $800/mo. and greatly improving my ability to work.
  • We’ve lowered the extension to a full half-hour of our monthly podcasts to $1000/mo.
  • And most excitingly, when we reach the $1250/mo. mark, we start giving back even more: one lucky Patron will receive a book, poster, or other unlocked reward of their choosing every month!

And, of course, it ships free to anywhere in the world.

Image credit: NASA.

Sorry, International Space Station patrons; you’ll have to wait until you return from low-Earth orbit to get your rewards.

Thanks for all your support, and even if you can’t (or just don’t want to) donate, keep enjoying all that we have to offer here on Medium!


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