Spirituality According to Myself

**I just finished this post, it may be long and some parts you may not understand, but this is how I truly think and I would think it was pretty interesting if someone else wrote this, so read it ;)**

First off let me start this by saying people have free will for a reason.  That means you can take what I said literally or you can interpret it in to whatever feels right.

These are just some thoughts I had and felt like writing them down and sharing them with you people.  Hope you enjoy them!

Science can't solve why and how humans dream, what de ja vu is, how a human can help others so passionately with no expectation of getting repaid, how humans form opinions, how humans can act outside of their "animal instincts".  Can you make the correlation out of all those statements I have made?  All of those acts originate in the brain, every human has a brain.

Something is special about the brain, the brain is a physical object, science should be able to explain the brain, of course scientists know what glands release what chemicals and all of that basic stuff but the complex subject science will never have an answer to it.  So therefore I can't be an atheist because I am accepting something science can't explain and I ask myself what my mind is and I get answers from within.  That's a little something called intuition, a thing that got women burnt at the stake because she was supposedly a witch back in the colonial days of America.

Now that science is out of the way, religion can't solve answers about anything really.  A virgin birth?  Jesus is some Sky God in human flesh?  The ten commandments were created yet people still kill, rape, steal and do many horrible things and still go to heaven?  In that last line I was talking about the corrupt Pope's of the past, who may I add are infallible but still declare holy wars and have an endless amount of sex then die and go to heaven.  How can we trust who wrote the bible?  The bible is supposedly the word of God yet it contradicts itself countless times.

Christianity is full of hypocrisy and lies, how can that be the "truth"?  Islam and Judaeism are very similar with slight differences, they all claim to be the truth and don't allow for open ends to answer questions to later.  All monotheistic religions are wrong.

The eastern religions are much more like what I believe, enlightened Buddhists seem to be a lot happier and more understanding of their fellow man than any monotheistic believer.  Taoism and the older Chinese beliefs are very similar to Buddhism, very personal spirituality which was organized in to a religion for people to help each other instead of getting monetary profits and more power.

The more ancient beliefs and tribal beliefs of paganism and what not, those are very simple.  The worship of celestial objects or of animals, it's all just worship of something other than yourself and your fellow man.

I believe all creation is divine, which means we humans are just as divine as anything else, not one thing is above or below anything else.  Whatever created us took it's time to create us, we are mutually equal, we wouldn't exist without it and it wouldn't be able to observe our behavior if it hadn't created us.

I believe that behavior is from our free-will.  We humans are a little smarter than animals, therefore we don't have to always act on our instincts, in a way we are self-aware and they are seeking self-awareness, the animals just aren't quite there yet.

Blanket answers to spontaneous questions is what religion is trying to enforce.  I make an attempt to make spontaneous answers to these spontaneous questions to have the best situation come out of it that is possible.

If every human is divine and equal then a human helping themself out every waking moment with little regard for others is what is causing us problems.  There would be nothing wrong with that either because helping yourself is the same as helping me, it's just when people get taken advantage of horrible things can occur.  Hitler took advantage of a whole nation and caused WW2 to happen, of course the nation wanted out of their depression and Hitler saw this as an opportunity to eradicate the Jews and Polish and all the other "inferior" races.

The republican party in charge right now is using the war on terror to eliminate our rights given to us by the Bill of Rights.  In this world we live in, with people that take advantage of others so much the Government is the only thing that can stop it.  Then those negative individuals get in to Government and take advantage of others some more.  It's a vicious cycle yet we can not stop this unless something happens where all of the positive people who help others are living in one nation and the people who take advantage of others can live in a seperate nation.

I've gotten off topic kind of, although human actions to either help themself or others is quite spiritual because the person is just following what they truly want to do with a combination of intuition and free will.

I think I just figured out how a person learns, their intuition combines with their free will resulting in an action that can either be taken or not for themself or an other-self which can lead to learning.  This is why people disagree, their intuitions aren't the same in the core of it's existence, but from there the people can go beyond their disagreement to unconditional love/understanding and just accept that person for what they are.

I can think of a lot more stuff to write down, but I want to leave on something deep like that.

Anybody want to discuss this??

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