Special feeling

Three years ago, my grandfather had said goodbye to me and there was nobody who will give me plenty of money to buy the FFXI Gil for the net game. Every time, when I recall the happy time spent with my grandfather, my heart will be hurt and no words will express my special feeling. I am so miss him that I can not forget the experience happened between us.In my memory, I was a girl who is not talkative and I seldom shared my ideas with my parents, expect my grandfather. As a child with 8-years old, I did not pass the exam and was afraid of bring that list of the achievement. Hence, when the dark was coming, all the children had come back home. As for me, I did not return home on time and my grandfather ride his bike to my school to look for me. When he found that I sat in the classroom by myself with the tears in my eyes, he ran as quickly as he can in order to give me some safety. I also can not control my sadness to cry out and stared at his face with grievance. My grandfather did not ask me about the achievement and persuaded me not to be sad for that. After listening to his words, I began to laugh and request that he should buy some candy and FFXI gold for me. He showed his agreement and asked me that I should not go back home on time after school from then on because if I can not return home in time, he would become worried about me. How great my grandfather is! I guess that there is nobody who loves me like him in the world. Although this is the past thing, I remember it very clearly and recall from time to time. So as to seek the special feeling that exists between my grandfather and me, I usually go to the internet bar to play the game with the Final Fantasy XI gold. During the unreal world, I regard my character as my grandfather and make good use of the cheap Final Fantasy XI Gold to buy some beautiful clothes for him. Most of important is that there is a long time for me not to buy FFXI Gil with the money, instead of earning a lot of gold in the game under the help of other players. 

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