Something Mayor Bloomberg should consider cutting expenses and getting revenue.

           As we all know, solid waste is a product of the human activity.  It develops throughout the time as a mixture of different fractions.  Solid waste is gathered at residential and business locations (1st level), picked up by a garbage company vehicle (2nd level), and dropped at a landfill (3rd level).              The project will introduce the new approach of the garbage pick up concept.  The idea is to keep all fractions separated from each other, so they could be collected and picked up as a separate pile.  While collected and picked up separately, each fraction appears as a raw material that could have subsequent use.           To keep fractions separated from each other at the 1st level, Total Recycles (company) will offer money to the residential and business patrons, another words a company will buy unmixed fractions.  Company will amass them and sell in bulks as a raw material for a sensible use.  Therefore, scientific research will be conducted; different procedures and hardware products will be developed.   This project will automatically reject all expenses and disadvantages that belong to the traditional methods of the solid waste management            According to the 1992 Statistical Abstract of the United States (table #359 /page # 216), the waste, that was generated in the US in 1988, formed 360 billions of pounds (179.6 millions of tons).  260 billions of pounds (130.5 millions of tons) of the solid waste went to landfills.  If, for the sake of the count, a profit from each pound of the rubbish would be equal $0.01, a year profit would be 2.6 billions of dollars.            Total Recycles could remedy the solid waste problem.  This project will eliminate creation of new landfills, bring revenue and so on and so forth.  Besides economical advantages, this venture will make the environment cleaner from the global point to the point where instead of littering on the streets, people will pick the rubbish up in order to sell it.  Consequently, big cities and small towns will routinely have clean streets.  Overall, lifestyle of the future generations will be changed forever for the better.       

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