solar wind vortex generator

Vortex Solar Wind Electric Generator

The following information that I provide will describe a product to make electricity.

By using the sun and air movement the product will create wind to produce electricity. It will be a closed system, whereas the greatest mass of energy used will be harnessed from the tube or in the lower levels.

The following is the description of the machine. I will use recycled plastic and rubber tires mixed together as the primary building material

The main idea for the project is to use long tubes. The function o f the tube will be to create and capture moving air. The entrance of the tubes will be the lowest point of the tubes. The opening will be ten to twelve feet high and reduce in size to about three feet where it enters the chamber of the generator. The tubes will be long. Each tube will travel up the hillside to the main chamber. To enhance the black material as a wind producer I will cut inverted cats eyeholes, to let the sun light into the tube. The heated air will rapidly travel up the tube to enter the chamber causing the fan blade to rotate. Also the tubes will have fish gills on the side to allow additional air into the tubes to force more air into the tubes as the tube become smaller. The upper portion of the tubes will have no holes and will cause the air to move more rapidly up the tubes. Mr Terry Nyland of Wataire will provide the proper moisture at this point to increase the humity in the air. With this introduction we can increase the horse power two to three time greater from the generator

The generator will be a horizonial type. It will have a circle of blades as the basic machine. The blades will have an outer shell where the workings of the generator will be housed. The copper windings of the generator will be in the outer wall of the chamber.

The inter parts will also have a spring-loaded shoe which will be forced out as the wind increases the movement of the fan blades as well as generator abilities. This will also prevent the fans from a runaway, from too high of winds in the chamber. The upper part of the generator will be removed as needed at other sights. A number of these generator will be built in the same immediate area, as in a farm. When the conditions of the region does not provide the needed energy, then the generator will be moved to another farm sight and placed on a power plant where the condition will be more conducive to our needs.

This is a short summery of the total plan but I will describe the additional basic as a later writing.

I write this description to make it known that I, John R. Clark do solely provide all the ideas and ask protection for the sole ownership and all rights to this produce and the entire ramification affiliated to and with it

John R. Clark

P.O. Box 188

Priest River, Idaho 83856-0188

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