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All of our Outdoor Landscape lights that are made out of Solid Brass or Copper are made here in the USA from the ground up! The best thing is it's all affordably priced usually in the Mid $20.00 to Mid $30.00 Range, unlike some companies such as Lumiere, Kim, Hadco, BK, Vista, Kitchler, etc. which charge upwards of $60.00 for the same fixture with the same, if not lower quality! Here's some reasons you should Choose our products for your outdoor lighting needs. Each item is personally inspected to ensure you recieve the highest quality possible!

Sunrise Lights Flood Up Lights

Sonrise Lights High Ray "I just recieved my copper wall lights, and am amazed with the workmanship. They match well with the nearby bricks and overall landscape of our backyard, and can't wait to watch them petina." Gloria Martinez Medford, Massachusetts


"These Paver lights are wonderful! I drove over them with my hummer and not even a scratch! I'd like to thank your sales staff for directing me to the products I wanted/needed and shipping them promptly." Jim Moss Camp Hill, PA Sonrise Lighting "I must say the step lights I ordered are beautiful, and the handmade quality is incredible. Consider me a customer for life!" Anna Kriebel Clarion, Pennsylvania

Sunrise Lights

"I just recieved my bronze bullets and they look excellent, I don't know how you guys can afford to sell such a high quality up light for $15.00 each! These will definitely spruce up my back yard for a fraction of what I thought I'd be paying!" Graham McLennan Carlsbad, California Sunrise Lighting Spots "Got my wall lights in today, they are fabulous! Can't wait to place the rest of my landscape lighting order with you guys." Susanne Winters Bellingham, Washington Read more about: Socal Lights , Sonrise Lighting Cast Brass Lights and Sunrise Lights Flood Up Lights

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