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Sunrise Lighting

Other reasons to buy our outdoor landscape lighting are: We use 200 Degree Spring Loaded Sockets with Stainless Springs and Extra Long Lead Wires, and Universal Socket Pins for every Bulb Heavy Duty Tempered Lenses and Glare Reduced Designs Marine Brass Hardware utilizing Heavy Duty Materials Easy Re-Lamping / Loading Features...Even in 10 years you'll never have a problem changing your bulb! Material and Natural Finishes that will last a Lifetime (we guarantee it!) Lifetime Warranty on all Brass and Copper Materials User Friendly and "Tool-less" Designs including Hand Adjustable Swivels High tempurature Gaskets and Seals Standard Componentry for Easy Maintenance Heavy Duty PVC Ground Stakes A Large line of Outdoor Transformers including Multi-Tap Huge inventory for Fast Shipping, and prompt construction for all of our hand-made Brass & Copper items!

Sunrise Lighting Step Lights

Sonrise Lighting LIGHT BULBS "Thank you for your friendly service and expediting my needed lights. The quality is excellent, as well. Would recommend you to anyone." Aaron Konikov Roslyn Heights, New York

Sunrise Lights

"The wall lights I recieved from your company look great, will definitely keep you in consideration for all of our future lighting needs." Jenny Petrikin Nashville, Tennessee Socal Lighting "Just finished getting my outdoor lights installed and my yard looks beautiful! Will definitely look you guys up again when I am ready to add to my lighting needs." Doug Youngblood Centerville, Virginia

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"Finding quality outdoor lighting in Honolulu at a reasonable price is next to impossible. The lights I recieved from Socal lighting were awesome, and saved me hundreds of $$$, and that's including the shipping charges from California to Hawaii! Thank you so much!" Annie Morrison Pearl City, Hawaii Socal Lighting POST LIGHTING "Absolutely love my solar post light with the fluted post, it not only turns heads but costs me nothing to operate!" Robert McLeod Albany, New York Read more about: Sonrise Lighting LIGHT BULBS , Sonrise Lights High Ray and Socal Lighting DECK BOAT LIGHTING

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