c/p from"Technologies Which May Take Us to Singularity:Artificial entities generated by evolution within computer systems" As a biologist, evolution (as one of the 4 unifying themes of biology) has always had a large impact on my life's experience. Evolution is both observable and measurable, it is one of the most fundamental aspects to life, and has created the diversity of life we observe here on planet earth. Genetic drift and natural selection carve and shape life to fit the planet's surface (even though as humans we'd like to think it's the other way around). Life is hard to define, every face biology knows about life remains geocentric, planets vary greatly throughout the universe. The emerged digital landscape mimics the biological one; evolution has the same effect. Only the strongest and most efficient codes will remain, and being the most adapted, they will be the most common. When time is thrown into the equation, it's obvious that the best adapted will evolve to be even better and even more efficient, giving rise to new "species" over time. These artificial entities may or may not be created by humans, who in comparison are less efficient, and less well adapted (to exist in computer systems). Silicon based life surpassing carbon based life has remained constant in biological consciousness.

Trusting your instincts is lazy: Poker pro Liv Boeree on Big Think Edge

International poker champion Liv Boeree teaches decision-making for Big Think Edge.

Big Think Edge
  • Learn to make decisions with the clarity of a World Series Poker Champion.
  • Liv Boeree teaches analytical thinking for Big Think Edge.
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Stress is contagious. Resilience can be too.

The way that you think about stress can actually transform the effect that it has on you – and others.

Big Think Edge
  • Stress is contagious, and the higher up in an organization you are the more your stress will be noticed and felt by others.
  • Kelly McGonigal teaches "Reset your mindset to reduce stress" for Big Think Edge.
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Five Hawks Down: watch the tragic migration of six Californian raptors

Tracking project establishes northern Argentina is wintering ground of Swainson's hawks

Image: @TrackingTalons / Ruland Kolen
  • Watch these six dots move across the map and be moved yourself: this is a story about coming of age, discovery, hardship, death and survival.
  • Each dot is a tag attached to the talon of a Swainson's Hawk. We follow them on their very first migration, from northern California all the way down to Argentina.
  • After one year, only one is still alive.
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5 short podcasts to boost your creativity and success

These quick bursts of inspiration will brighten your day in 10 minutes or less.

Personal Growth

Podcasts can educate us on a variety of topics, but they don't have to last an hour or more to have an impact on the way you perceive the world. Here are five podcasts that will boost your creativity and well-being in 10 minutes or less.

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