Separation of Church and State

A while ago, in the Republican debates, a question was asked of the candidates as to whether or not they believe in the Holy Bible.

In all honesty, this question simply pisses me off. Asking a question like this states that the person asking the question would value the answer. And I don't understand how in the United States of America, supposedly a land of freedom and equality, a question like this could openly be valued.

By asking this question, you are saying that you would think differently of the candidate if they said yes vs. if they said no. Don't get me wrong, I believe that a certain level of faith in SOMEthing is a very valuable quality, and it takes a certain kind of person to have that kind of believe in that which cannot be seen nor proven. However, with this question, you are saying that you would think differently of someone who were Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, or anything other than Christian. You are OPENLY expressing prejudice, and OPENLY contradicting what this county stands for.

What erks me more is that of all of the candidates, not one stood up and asked if it mattered. Not one of them contested that maybe it wasn't a relevant question. They all just tried to suck in as many christian voters as possible with their "I believe The Bible is the word of God!" 's and their cheap, shallow smiles. And they call OTHERS un-American. That is simply shameful.

To sum it all up, my point is this: if you want to make a government based on religion, that's fine, it's been done plenty of times before.

 But do NOT call it America.

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