Sense of achievement

Can you tell me when you will be confident in yourself?Of course, different persons can list different answers from their lives, such as: getting the first place in on race, obtaining the agreement from other people, gaining the scholarship in the final test and so on.But as for me, my biggest sense of achievement is passing all the barriers existing in the internet game. Maybe, it is strange for you to hear that, but it is right. With the growth of myself, I did not well in my homework and the exam which every school arranged every year. So I often feel unconfident in everything and hate going school and talking with other schoolmates, instead of wow gold which is the key to the internet game.Referring to the internet game, I have never heard it before and know nothing on it. One accidental day, I learn it from a friend who asked me to look through the net on the game and give some World of Warcraft Gold to me. Firstly, I smiled at him and can not understand why he often is self-confident. Besides, I have lost the warcraft gold randomly. The friend saw what I did and had nothing to say, but lead me to the internet bar and told me that I just had a look and kept silent. Then he started playing the game and sent off smile. To my surprise, I found that he was a hero in the game and became a king in the final war. I can understand the reason for his behaviors.In the second day, without his accompanies I came to the bar and buy wow gold, then learn how to overcome the difficulties to be the winner, only making use of the cheap wow gold. According to this game, I am becoming more self-confident than before and in the next time, I begin to be interested in the homework and try my best to solve the problems by myself. Therefore, during my past four college life, I finish the text and passed final text with a good result. Certainly, my parents and other relatives understand me and give me a high sense of achievement Moreover, I like sharing the good and useful game with others and I have spread this good internet game to many friends who also follow my view to play this game in their spare time.  

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26 ultra-rich people own as much as the world's 3.8 billion poorest

The Oxfam report prompted Anand Giridharadas to tweet: "Don't be Pinkered into everything's-getting-better complacency."

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  • A new report by Oxfam argues that wealth inequality is causing poverty and misery around the world.
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Participants sought to go the entirety of February without so much as a moan, groan, or bellyache.

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  • Facebook and Google began as companies with supposedly noble purposes.
  • Creating a more connected world and indexing the world's information: what could be better than that?
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