Seeds of truth

The Seed of Truth Has Been Sown. Casey Lee Cobb | Öþêñ ¥ðµr MïñЧ È¥ê | February 7, 2008 For over ten years Ed and Elaine Brown have asked the IRS over and over again, what law makes them liable for the income tax? In response to their repeated question on the issue instead of simply answering the Browns. The IRS in collusion with government decided to try and ¡!force-them-to-voluntarily-comply¡! with the criminal activities of the IRS; this resulted in a standoff that lasted many months. Fortunately no one was killed in the standoff, but Ed and Elaine Brown were eventually arrested by Federal agents who pretended to be supporters. Ed and Elaine Brown are now political prisoners as well are four supporters (the freedom four) whom courageously stood with them during the standoff. The Government still refuses to answer the people’s questions on the legality of the income tax, and expects you to pay the tax at the barrel of a gun, without revealing a law that makes you liable to pay. Because of the courageous example of people like Ed and Elaine Brown, many people all across America and the world have unanimously decided to peacefully resist the unlawful activities perpetuated by their governments. Irwin Schiff one of the founders of the Truth in Taxation movement and current political prisoner once said that there are two types of people that pay the income tax, those who are either ignorant of the law, or fearful of the government. I would encourage you all to watch Aaron Russo's movie, "America: From Freedom to Fascism" this will eliminate the ignorance equation in the aforesaid example, and then you will be forced to choose. Pay the Income tax out of fear, or choose the path of resistance that best suits you, whatever you do, do so knowingly, let us all step out of the fog, and into the light, by doing what we know to be inherently right. It should be clearly understood that- "...whether the resistance against government tyrants is non-violent or physically violent, the effort to overthrow state oppression qualifies as true patriotism." -Ron Paul - Before the U.S. House of Representatives, May 22, 2007 We should all hope and pray, that a peaceful revolution can prevail for - "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F Kennedy - ~ Rest In Peace Aaron Russo ~

A dark matter hurricane is crashing into Earth

Giving our solar system a "slap in the face"

Surprising Science
  • A stream of galactic debris is hurtling at us, pulling dark matter along with it
  • It's traveling so quickly it's been described as a hurricane of dark matter
  • Scientists are excited to set their particle detectors at the onslffaught
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Are we all multiple personalities of universal consciousness?

Bernardo Kastrup proposes a new ontology he calls “idealism” built on panpsychism, the idea that everything in the universe contains consciousness. He solves problems with this philosophy by adding a new suggestion: The universal mind has dissociative identity disorder.

We’re all one mind in "idealism." (Credit: Alex Grey)
Mind & Brain

There’s a reason they call it the “hard problem.” Consciousness: Where is it? What is it? No one single perspective seems to be able to answer all the questions we have about consciousness. Now Bernardo Kastrup thinks he’s found one. He calls his ontology idealism, and according to idealism, all of us and all we perceive are manifestations of something very much like a cosmic-scale dissociative identity disorder (DID). He suggests there’s an all-encompassing universe-wide consciousness, it has multiple personalities, and we’re them.

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New study reveals what time we burn the most calories

Once again, our circadian rhythm points the way.

Photo: Victor Freitas / Unsplash
Surprising Science
  • Seven individuals were locked inside a windowless, internetless room for 37 days.
  • While at rest, they burned 130 more calories at 5 p.m. than at 5 a.m.
  • Morning time again shown not to be the best time to eat.
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