Culture & Religion

Why Is the Super Bowl Such a Big Deal? It Activates Our Deepest Tribal Instincts.

Which team you support tells others about your background and where your history lies. And the superstitions we obey in support of our team are a classic example of tribal loyalty.

Surprising Science

Study: Trying to Debunk Vaccine Myths Can Backfire

When vaccine skeptics are presented with statements about the benign nature of vaccines, they double down on their skepticism rather than softening their bias.

Can Libertarian Paternalism Change Our Gun Culture?

How can the government change the framework of choices that particular people are faced with so that their own small errors in risk perception don’t expose the whole of society?


An Information Diet for the 2012 Election: Tips from the Experts

The noise of the long campaign may not only be annoying, but also bad for your health. Big Think experts suggest effective ways for dealing with the over-consumption of information.

Surprising Science

When Is the Fear of Cancer Worse than Cancer Itself?

When it comes to cancer, there may be more to fear than fear itself, but our negative emotions do have an adverse impact on our health, says risk analyst David Ropeik. 

Dealing With the Danger of Cognitive Hubris

Smug confidence in human reason, and the belief that once fully educated and informed people will then make the objectively ‘right’ decision about risk, only widens the gap and increases the danger.

How Medical Research Can Harm Us All

"If all medicines in the world were thrown into the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes."