Ron Paul is a victim of his own policy!

Why does the media ignore Ron Paul?  It's simple - short tail economics.  Media companies only have so much time, space, and resources.  Their goal, like any business, is to maximize their profits.  From that standpoint, it makes the most sense to focus their resources on the few candidates that will attract the most ratings.  It's the same reason that Wal-Mart does not carry that obscure Frank Zappa CD you are looking for.  They have limited shelf space, and in order to maximize their profit, they fill that space with the CDs that they think will sell the most.

The absurdity of this whole issue is that the only way to make the media report on the candidates equally would be through government intervention (as Dennis Kucinich tried and failed to accomplish recently in Nevada). As a Libertarian Ron Paul would be strongly against such intervention and would favor the decision of the corporations to maximize their profit.  Therefore, in the end, Ron Paul's voice is being drowned in his own political philosophy! How fitting!

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