Stephen Fry announces he’s fighting prostate cancer

Stephen Fry announces that he’s had surgery for prostate cancer nine the most Stephen-Fry way possible.

Stephen Fry is one of our favorite Big Thinkers, and so, naturally, news that he’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer feels like an illness in the family. Fry announced his condition in a YouTube video in a typically Fry-ish manner, puckishly describing his adenocarcinoma as an “aggressive little bugger.” No wonder we love the guy.


Only Fry could make such a troubling piece of news so darkly entertaining and informative. We’re comforted that he looks so well in the video and that his surgery is out of the way.

Meanwhile, as we send him our positive thoughts and best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery, here are some memorable Big Think Stephen Fry moments.

On first love

On 'knowing the room'

On being bipolar

On thinking for oneself

On Oscar Wilde

On the brevity of life


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