Dark Clouds on Legalized Pot’s Rainbow-Colored Horizon?

Author Tony Dokoupil predicts a Liberal backlash against grass now that it’s becoming legal.

Marijuana’s been the preferred recreational substance of the counter-culture for a long time. Certainly a part of its attraction — aside from the high, of course — has been the button-down world’s condemnation of weed. But now that grass is legal in 28 states, having been a big winner in the 2016 U.S. election cycle, its image is in the process of undergoing a major makeover. With the fading of pot’s outlaw appeal, author Tony Dokoupil suggests, some other things about marijuana are going to start becoming noticeable for the first time, turning off the very people who’ve always advocated turning on.

Grass will have a whole different vibe when comes from a giant multinational corporation and not that dude down the street. And as just another intoxicant that doesn’t especially represent the political Left any more, extolling its benefits will feel just about as morally iffy as a non-drinking singer performing in a bar to help its own sell beer. Bummer.

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