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RF: the reason for my later for working

It is the first year for me to attend to the work, for the first period I must get up so early in the morning and go to have my work. Maybe I can not use to this life style soon, but several days later I think I can be used to it.

I can still remember that at the beginning of the work, when I sat on the bus and fell asleep. The funny thing about that is I also had a dream of rf gold before I wake up at the next several stops. When I opened my eyes, looking out of the bus window, I suddenly realized that I had over the stop which I wanted to. I felt nervous because it was the time I must reach the company. It means that I was late. I was too vexation to thinking more, just run to the out and home stop and stepped into the bus. Even I let the bus driver to drive quickly. With a short while I arrived at the company. The boss stared at me for a while and ask why I was later, I said I have sit over the stop. That day I was deducted one hundred RMB from my salary. I felt pain in my heart with too much money. And I also hate myself for the tired. It is incredible that I even made the dream of rf online gold which I needed to play in my game.

Then in the whole morning, I tense myself in the work in order to perform well and make a good impression to my boss. I worked carefully and did not speak the funny dream which is about the rf money to my workmates. But after the lunch, I still felt very tired and could not stand myself on the work. I started to nod my head on and down then closed my eyes until one of my workmates come to ask me for some work. He laughed at me when saw my shape of tired. I have no choice but pawed my hair. Then I told him about the things happened in the morning that I suffered be later of work just because of I met rf cp in my dream. He just admired me and says any words to me then.

When he left the office, he off duty in the afternoon, he said that if I can buy cheap rf gold for him the next time.

I feel embarrassed and lower my head.

Hints of the 4th dimension have been detected by physicists

What would it be like to experience the 4th dimension?

Two different experiments show hints of a 4th spatial dimension. Credit: Zilberberg Group / ETH Zürich
Technology & Innovation

Physicists have understood at least theoretically, that there may be higher dimensions, besides our normal three. The first clue came in 1905 when Einstein developed his theory of special relativity. Of course, by dimensions we’re talking about length, width, and height. Generally speaking, when we talk about a fourth dimension, it’s considered space-time. But here, physicists mean a spatial dimension beyond the normal three, not a parallel universe, as such dimensions are mistaken for in popular sci-fi shows.

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A new hydrogel might be strong enough for knee replacements

Duke University researchers might have solved a half-century old problem.

Lee Jae-Sung of Korea Republic lies on the pitch holding his knee during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia group F match between Korea Republic and Germany at Kazan Arena on June 27, 2018 in Kazan, Russia.

Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images
Technology & Innovation
  • Duke University researchers created a hydrogel that appears to be as strong and flexible as human cartilage.
  • The blend of three polymers provides enough flexibility and durability to mimic the knee.
  • The next step is to test this hydrogel in sheep; human use can take at least three years.
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How often do vaccine trials hit paydirt?

Vaccines find more success in development than any other kind of drug, but have been relatively neglected in recent decades.

Pedro Vilela/Getty Images
Surprising Science

Vaccines are more likely to get through clinical trials than any other type of drug — but have been given relatively little pharmaceutical industry support during the last two decades, according to a new study by MIT scholars.

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Leadership, diversity and personal finance in the COVID-19 era

Sallie Krawcheck and Bob Kulhan will be talking money, jobs, and how the pandemic will disproportionally affect women's finances.

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