Religion doesn't matter.

I am continually annoyed that there is no name for my philsophy (that I know of, that is; if anyone knows an established name for this philosophy, please tell me). I am frustrated that I have only two choices when it comes to being a non-believer: atheism or agnosticism.

 I am neither atheist nor agnostic. I think that religion or the lack therof does not matter. I agree with atheists and agnostics most because they question ideas before accepting them.

 I think that what you do is what matters, and how you decide to do it. If your actions are unconisdered, the product of what you believe without questioning, then I disagree with what you do. If you can honestly say that you have thoroughly considered what you do before you do whatever it is you do, then I can understand.

I am going to give a name to this philosphy since I don't know if there is a real one (damn, "Actionism," "Nontheism," AND "Irreligion" are ALL taken, and NONE apply!): Untheism.

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