religion and humanity

Religion is a way for man to have hope; whether that hope is of a happy afterlife or hope for religious leaders to have control of their followers (christianity). Most religions say you will go to a place of torment (hell, purgatory etc.) if you do not obey the rules set by the religious leaders.

People on a whole need to realize there is no god. There is no divine. There is only a cycle.

Every form of life is equal. We all have been graced with some form of soulstuff, whether it be spirit, essence, or even an aura. One of reality's laws are that matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed. Random reincarnation. We die and our soulstuff is recycled back into the place where it originated, and is recycled back into another form of life, whether human or not. Humans are not superior. We are simply more prominent at the present time.

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