Redesign taxation to support long-term environmental and global warming goals

Generally when people think of addressing environmental or global warming issues, they think of "direct" actions such as encouraging solar energy. Here I am proposing an "indirect" approach that would would harness a necessary government function--taxation--to support such initiatives.

In short, my proposal is that we ENTIRELY REVAMP OUR TAX SYSTEM SO THAT ALL TAXATION SERVES A DUAL PURPOSE. NOT ONLY WOULD TAXES GENERATE FUNDS FOR VARIOUS PUBLIC PURPOSES AS THEY DO TODAY, BUT EACH TAX WOULD ENCOURAGE MOVEMENT TOWARD SOME DESIRABLE PUBLIC GOAL. The idea is that since government must raise the money it needs to do its work, why not raise it in such a way as to reward and encourage actions by private individuals and corporations that will enhance the public good? These would not be punitive or incremental taxes--they would SUBSTITUTE for current taxes.

Analogous to the long-term effect of gravity in the cosmos, these taxes would act as the gentle, but, inevitable shaper of our world.

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