Reclaiming my blog, reclaiming myself

My posting rate here at Dangerously Irrelevant waned considerably over the past two months. I could make the excuse that I've been super busy but, of course, we all are super busy with whatever we're doing. The bottom line is that I haven't given blogging the dedicated time and attention that I used to.


The interesting thing to me is that I've missed it, that I actually have felt sad that I haven't been posting more. I think that speaks to the power of blogging for many of us – that we have the very human needs to express ourselves, to get feedback on our ideas, and to be connected with others. Of course blogs can be an excellent way to do that, particularly those of us who don't have anyone around us locally who understand or care about our interests and our passions.


So I'm reclaiming my blog and, through that, also reclaiming myself. Before I began blogging - way back in August 2006 – I wouldn't have understand this need that I now have to post stuff on the Web for others to read. But now I'm hooked. This is something I have to do. So I'm back in the game.


I hope you've enjoyed my last few posts. There will be many, many more to come. They won't all be great (or even good), but hopefully I'll be adding value again to the blogosphere and you'll stay for the conversation. Thanks to everyone who's stuck around during my doldrums. I look forward to our continued interactions (and, hopefully, to meeting as many of you as possible at NECC).


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