Re: Why don't you believe in god?

As an atheist, i will answer your questions. I am a former Christian Catholic, and through what I would consider reason, I came to the conclusion that God doesn't exist. In our modern world, you must have blind faith to believe in a god. I look at it as an outdated theory on the meaning of life. Remember, when humans made religions, they had no scientific method. They were very ignorant of the world's works. Their conclusion to the rainbows and waterfalls and sunsets was that there was a god ruling them. People used to believe in Zeus, and Thor, and now people are mainly believing in Allah and Jesus. Now that we can explain the universe further with a great scientific method, we are seeing a great number of Atheists growing in the world. You ask if there is any evidence to disproving god, but i would say that we don't need it. If you are making the claim that the meaning to life is to serve a sky-dwelling diety, we should see a little bit of evidence. The burden of proof is on the person who believes the story. The fact is, that God is a story that is built to never be disproven. We now see that the universe doesn't need a creator, and that God doesn't come into play at all. Also, I cannot believe in some god just because they tell me I'm going to hell. That is a scare tactic, which shouldn't alter your decision to believe, or to not believe in this illogical story.

I guess the real question here is, why do you believe in God?

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