Re: Why do religious people thank a god for healing them?

sciencesaves, I generally steer away from judging others to be arrogant or anything else, but you are spot on with your assessment(s).

"Thank god" is such a common phrase used, and unfortunate for this, when one realizes its'  subjectiveness, yet when expressed with honest purpose, has potential importance.  Of course, depending on one's faith. At other times, in the face of tragedy or experience "cracking you one across the face" you are right. Someone all of a sudden re-finds 'god' and is not cognizant in the moment of the people they are with who are or could be having a direct effect on the situation at hand.

What about OMG, which is more readily abused everyday? So much of this type of random language without knowledgeable thoughtfulness to back it up are unproductive forms of individual 'cleverness,' a measurable waste of time, substituting, even if only momentary, for beneficial accomplishment.

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