Re: What will stop the dollar from falling?

The national trade deficit is the most significant factor affecting the value of our currency internationally. It should be recognized as an important political issue too.

What if foreign buyers who have accumulated dollars decide to buy real or income producing assets, rather than what consumables we can make? We will also feel the impact of foreign entities using our dollars to bid up the cost of energy, food, and other precious commodities internationally as well as potentially within the U.S.

The consequences of a huge trade deficit are also reflected in our own domestic economy as a loss of jobs. I believe the consequence of this ripples through our economy with an impact on credit default rates, and perhaps our very social fabric of values.

I do not want to be so egotistical as to believe that I have a solution to this problem all on my own, but I sincerely hope that America will recognize and begin to address this crucial issue soon.

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