Re: What will be the next evolution of life???

I don't really think there is a 'next' evolution.  Evolution is a process; it is always occurring.

 But setting semantics aside, I think I understand the question.  There will essentially be two overriding factors in the future. 

1) There will be another, more dynamic Enlightenment, in fact it may be happening now.  It may seem hokey, but there will be a great consilience of knowledge.  Knowledge is evolving the same way as the corporeal world, except that it is happening exponentially.  It seems as though our (read - human) science, technology, and understanding of the world is doubling every few years.   On top of this, the lines that so rigidly seperated areas of knowledge and creativity (i.e. physics, chemistry, psychology, art, etc) are being broken.  The really interesting part will be when we have a better grasp on what consciousness is, it's role in the world, and if it is something we can tap into.  In other words, is consciousness (in terms of computer science) like a client-server relationship - consciousness being the server, and each human being a client connecting? Or is consciousness something that is just a by-product of chemical, electrical, and organic compounds working together locally?  This brings me to my second point...

2) The 'next evolution of life' will be directly brought on by humans, and the robotics industry will be the vehicle.   It will start, and actually has started, as a melding of organics and robotics (I hate the word, but - cyborgs).  Eventually, if, and this is a huge 'if' that depends on part one, artificial intelligence is created, it will be the next phase.  Full blown, conscious robots.  They can expand and habitate the whole solar system and beyond.  They can survive a myriad of circumstances that humans can not endure.  They will not drain resources.  They will essentially be super-human.  The perfect replacement for humans.  All in the evolution of intelligence.

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