Re: What is wrong with homosexuality?

"First off let me say that I am not homosexual nor do I have anything against people who are. I would like to know what problems people have with homosexuality. Why do people attack it when it does not harm them? What is wrong with being gay?"

I find nothing wrong with homosexuality whatsoever. If two people of the same sex fall in love, have sex, and/or get married, I think that is a great thing. But I also think that homosexuality raises some interesting questions about how much difference society can tolerate in a person.

In society, a lot of things are set up because we can assume that most people will want to do the same things. Most people like to sit down at a restaurant, they like to not be stabbed with sharp objects, and they like to deficate in private. Some of this consistency must result from the fact that we share a large proportion of our genes, and some of it must result from people being brought up in the same culture.

However, there is also a lot of variation. People order different meals and read different books. This is a type of variation that we charish. The world would be very boring if everyone watched the same TV shows and wore the same clothes. But how much variation are we to allow? We enjoy the fact that people wear different clothes, but we don't tolerate a person who decides to wear no clothes at all.

There is a convention that falling in love, sex, and marriage are to be between a male and a female. Some people violate this convention. Homosexuals certainly don't choose to be homosexual, just as heterosexuals don't choose to be heterosexual. Sexual preference is a physiological constraint that is forced on the individual. For this reason, I feel that homosexuality should accepted and encouraged. Homosexuality is a type of variation that does society little harm.

But if homosexuality occurs, what other types of behavioral variation can occur? What if certain people like to stand up in restaurants, stab themselves with sharp objects, and deficate in public? The problem is how much variation to allow.

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