Re: What do you think of the Big Picture (Big Think's newsletter)?

Hello. This is from Dianne. ( Chicago ).

Big Picture is a fine idea, and a Salon is needed. We should engage in the exchange of ideas. By the way - I am one of the poorer members, I believe, for I am participating for free, on a public computer. Therefore, the idea of engaging ALL types of citizens is an important thing.

My ideas for future "Salons" would be:

1. The possibly dangerousness of BPA ( Plastics, plastic bottles, plastic everywhere ) and the fact that we survived with glass bottles, metal gadgets, etc. for decades, and people seemed healthier in eras past. ( I refer to, say, children, in the fifties - me, for example - who played outside, ate no junk food, but did eat eggs, etc. )  Well, you get the "picture"...

2. The idea of abolishing the IRS, which Mike Huckabee proposes, and the fact that Thomas Paine warned us of rulership by Royal families, and the fact that the super-rich, and the political families, have taken over leadership in our country. Poor people cannot participate, or run for office. Or can they?  Good discussion topic. 


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