Re: What do you think happens to you when you die?

U R right...but I'm betting on what I have been investing in the past several decades... I believe in the Bible...and what it says.  check out John 3:16....Peace is what I have about heaven...My mom died this last year.  I had a year of grief and deep thinking.  But...I'm back to a peaceful resolution...Jesus was in the beginning and in the beginning was the word.  I find peace, daily strength in reading the bible...and then journaling...almost like chatting with God...while I write...I have to say that the Lord has been loyal to me.  In good and bad days...he sits with me, counsels me...and in the next will be the with Him forever.  I'm absolutely certain of this.  I refuse to believe that I will be worms in a box or ashes in the flesh yes...but my will be with God as it is now.  I hope that this offers you some peace or thought to ponder as you rest. 

Archaeologists unearth dozens of mummified cats in Egypt

Dozens of mummified cats were dug up this week. This isn't as shocking as you might think.

Culture & Religion
  • Archaeologists in Egypt have found dozens of mummified cats in the tomb of a royal offical.
  • The cats will join the ranks of hundreds of thousands of previously discovered ancient kitties.
  • While the cats are nothing special, the tomb also held well preserved beetles.
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Men obsessed with building muscle mass have higher mental health risks

They're at a higher risk for depression, weekend binge drinking, and unnecessary dieting.

Palestinian participants flex their muscles during a bodybuilding competition in Gaza city on October 28, 2016. / AFP / MOHAMMED ABED (Photo credit should read MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images)
Mind & Brain
  • Body dysmorphia is not limited to women, a new study from Norway and Cambridge shows.
  • Young men that focus on building muscle are at risk for a host of mental and physical health problems.
  • Selfie culture is not helping the growing number of teens that are anxious and depressed.
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A.I. turns 57 million crop fields into stunning abstract art

Detailed (and beautiful) information on 57 million crop fields across the U.S. and Europe are now available online.

Image: OneSoil
Strange Maps
  • Using satellite images and artificial intelligence, OneSoil wants to make 'precision farming' available to the world.
  • The start-up from Belarus has already processed the U.S. and Europe, and aims for global coverage by 2020.
  • The map is practical, and more — browse 'Random Beautiful Fields' at the touch of a button.
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