Re: What brings meaning to your life?

fwoodland's response, while well intentioned, is based on source material - the gospel of John - that is not considered authoritative by the majority of humanity.

Christian scholars of all persuasions agree that the book attributed to the apostle John was not completed until 90 CE, nearly 60 years after the death of Jesus. It is a theological treatise and contains many sayings attributed to Jesus that are absent from the other gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) that were written much sooner after Jesus's death.

John's gospel turns on the idea of a "subject-object" relationship between God and man. This hard distinction between the two arises out of both Jewish literature and Greek thinking. By way of contrast, a gospel attributed to Thomas quotes Jesus as saying, "If you want to find God, look within yourself."

None of this suggests that an individual cannot find meaning in the sayings of Jesus - authentic or not - but I believe it is a bit of a stretch to suggest that these sayings are the final word on the question of life's meaning.

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