Re: the weak argument of atheism

Inconsitencies of religion.... Yes, that is one of the key arguments for atheism. But the inconsistencies of atheism are what many religious people use as a key argument. Also, there is no way for God to be proven, and if you quote the bible... I will lose it, because the Bible is a book, nothing more. It is assumed to be God's message to mankind, when in reality it could be anything, from his message to the rambling of mentally unstable men, and possibly women. I am atheist/agnostic, because I don't like what I'm told about religion. I am told I am going to burn for eternity because I'm atheist, because I'm gay, because I listen to rock music, because I listen to hip hop, I've lost count of the reasons that I'm going to hell. If that is the God that is all good and all loving, I'll take eternal damnation, at least the Devil isn't a hypocrite.

This may be off-topic, but I belief it helps my argument.

From what I can tell, believing in God is just an easy way out of everyday life, because it gives you the belief that if you live this way, follow this doctrine, and repent for your sins, you will go to heaven and live eternal bliss. It makes many people disregard the present, the now. How many Christians, Evangelicals, etc., have said that Global Warming is a lie, is alarmism, is atheist propagande?? They deny it, because they "know" that after their time on Earth, that they will be able in the perfect place for them, and they "know" that whatever happens, will not matter, because they will get into heaven because of their beliefs, and whatever comes, will be God's wrath against mankind for it's sins.

Many religious people say that Atheists are unwilling to believe, but what about them? They are unwilling to belief that they may be wrong, that the Atheists are the right ones, and that when they die, they will rot in the ground.

Tell me, are those weak arguments?

I am Atheist/Agnostic, and proud of it. I know that I am not tied to any organization that will influence me, I know that I will have the most unbiased opinion on everyday life that I can as a human being, and I know that I will live for NOW, I will live as a good person, and I will NOT follow a doctrine that teaches me to either hate or dismiss those who don't share my beliefs.

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