Re: the path to energy independence

The problem lies in the fact that there are currently no viable alternatives to oil dependency that will allow us to continue anywhere near our current level of energy-use.

Diverting the disaster we will be faced with once we hit the peak oil crisis is of utmost importance, but the same corporations fueling the research into developing alternatives to oil have mostly abandoned the pursuit ideologically and have diverted much larger sums of money into security and weapons technologies which they hope will allow them to isolate themselves from the emerging collapse of the western world as well as help them to continue plans of war for oil, which we saw set in motion under the guise of a "war on terror".

The best thing we can do is to work toward our own independence from popular energy; we should endeavor to learn to raise food for ourselves, demonetize whenever possible and make a variety of other lifestyle changes. It would also be very beneficial for us to develop mutualistic relationships with others in our communities to a larger extent than we normally would, whether the communities we live in believe in the coming crisis or not.

If we were to do that, now, and not wait as we so often do for the media, television and so forth to catch up with reality, we could expect to make it through this ok. Maybe even better than ok. We could all perceivably benefit from a new-found independence - personal and environmental health benefits at the least would be extraordinary.

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