Re: The Meaning of Life - via how would you spend your last days on earth?

As my comment doesn't seem to have been posted in the first place, due to a bug involving return characters or else because of an unstated limit on the length of a comment, and there's no delete function, I'll reword my opinion.

I disagree. I cannot take such a view of the world, only because, while it doesn't necessarily preclude it, that to have children is our only purpose suggests the absence of an afterlife. (And also seems to ignore the facts of homosexuality and the trans-gendered.) It would also remove meaning for those who find themselves incapable of having children. I cannot accept that, being both moderately religious and afraid of nothingness.

There must, if there is a meaning, be more than one. I, although I admit I don't have children to change my outlook, would probably attempt to meet some of my best friends from around the world, if I had 90 days to live.

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