Re: The Growing Income Gap

regarding what David Patrick Columbia said about the growing gap in income in america; I would have to of course agree with the fact the it is a growing issue as a very poor american, I myself have been homeless and without. I just cannot believe that for one our government allows these atrocities to occur but further more that the people themselves don't do anything. I do not understand at all personally, that I can live in the same state as Bill Gates but can be starving and left in the cold with no available shelters and with no available food or clothing, guess what I am an American and I have one pair of shoes that sucks water into themselves and I have nothing better I can get. There are church run programs with donations, but guess what I am a 6 ft. tall woman. I have size 12 shoes. So I guess I must have been born wrong, oops sorry I meant to be born smaller so I can find free clothing for myself, but I cannot. I have a five year old son that cannot afford to go to preschool even the state funded programs won't even drive him home, oh but they'll pick him up in the morning they just don't drive your children back and if you are past a point of poverty and have no car they cannot come. He needs it my son will be behind in school when he starts, I try and try to work on it with him but thats as much as I can do. Thanks America, thanks Bill Gates. Actually nevermind FK you! Am I allowed to display contempt? I mean nothing more. This is what america does for us. Shouldn't our super rich be helping us? If they don't think so I think atleast someone with some sense should step in and make that a realization. Since this is a democratic nation that should be us the people. Just promise me anyone reading this that you actually will vote. But alas as if that will help anything. The folly of our belief in our government is that they have been lying to us through thier teeth since they found a way how to....MONEY:'(

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