Re: The God of Reason

Sam, I reviewed your clip and I do respect your point of view, but I think you are making the same mistake many people in media are making today - you are confusing religion with culture.  While I agree the two are very much intertwined, they are not the same thing.  If people are born in Afghanistan they are being brought up in an Islamic culture - but there are non-Muslims in Afghanistan.  The US is predominantly Christian, but there are Muslims in the US along with a slew of other religions.  Also I don't know if you have noticed but people do adopt new faiths in life.  There are Christian converts, Muslim converts - these are people that are searching for the truth and who are not scared to question their upbringing/culture to find it.  Do you know how many Muslims there are in China?  Millions.  Culture is based on where you are born, not religion.  Christianity and Islam are both world wide religions that transcend culture.  Secondly, there is always context to quotes and you should know them before quoting them.  While it is accurate that in Islam it is blasphemous to associate anything with God,  there are other reasons as to why there is a discrepancy between Christianity and Islam on this.  Media and religious leaders on both sides love to speak on the differences about the 2 religions but there are more similarities than differences.  One historical fact is in the time of Jesus many were called the son of God including the Roman Emperors.  One viewpoint is that Jesus was called the "true son of God" to differentiate him and his message from others that claimed to be the son of God.  That stuck and was related by his disciples and put into the Bible.  There are also many biblical scholars that actually say that Jesus never called himself the son of God but other disciples did.   I bring this up because, Islamically, the Quran is the third of 3 scriptures from God - the first being the Torah - Jewish Scripture, the second being the Injil - The Gospel of Jesus (what he preached).  If you go back to the core and fundamentals of all three books they are the same (believe in one God, do good works, heaven and hell, etc.).  So why the discrepancies?  Maybe man left out a few things when he was writing it down, maybe some military leaders took out a few parts in order to control the masses better, maybe they had to spin the meaning so that it fit's the current political agenda.  Whatever the reason, it's a bad one, but it should not stop us from trying to find the truth.  And this is where I agree with you (surprise!), this can only come from reasoning and dialog between people of different faiths, cultures, and beliefs.  That is why I’m on Big Think!   Just like the X files - the truth is out there. 

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