Re: The Bush Legacy

There is no question in most religions and  in humanity of all races that God is the creator of all to be. And there  is a question from all to be:  Who's God created all there is?  Most of humanity will say that it is THEIR GOD THAT IS THE CREATOR OF ALL!!!  So my question is;  why would I hate you or even think that you were an atheist or mistaken God, if you believed that who's ever or what ever God that you do believe in is absolutely without a doubt in my heart or soul that it is the wrong God or even the Devil that you must be believing in,or if it really does not look like my God, it does not speak like my God, or even think like my God?  So why may I ask is there even a question in doubt about who your God is and who my God is if we all believe in FREEDOM!!! Freedom of CHOICE, freedom in BELIEF, and of course the most important for all to be is freedom of THOUGHT!!! Who in their own inner soul can disagree with this beautiful word FREEDOM for all, I do believe that the most of all the human kind that have walked this`awesome`mother earth with the utmost integrity of all man kind besides many other wise and intelligent men and woman are the FATHERS AND MOTHERS of this once Democracy to be the only country in this world that based and created and founded on the FREEDOM OF MANKIND!!!!!!!! The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE THIS COUNTRY'S ONE AND ONLY BIBLE, OR IF YOU  WOULD LIKE TO CALL IT THE WORD OF GOD OUR GOD MEANING TO ME NOT JUST YOUR GOD OR MY GOD BUT OUR GOD HOWEVER IT LOOKS, SPEAKS, OR SAYS TO US BUT IT IS WHAT WE ALL WANT AND MUST HAVE IN ORDER FOR THIS HUMAN RACE TO SURVIVE.  

So again my question is does your GOD or my Or as a matter of fact does any bodies GOD really care how you believe as long as you do believe in it as it has created humane kind alike in its own image as perfect and beautiful as it is. Then why in this awesome world would it want us to destroy each other in its own name ALA, GOD, BRAHMAN, A WHINE, CHRISTYNA, BUD A, JEHOVAH, WHATEVER EACH RACE OF HUMANE KIND CALLS HIS OWN CREATOR does it really matter at all to it the creator what its called as long as we all respect each other in the most humane way that we all were created in it own image that would mean that we are all created equally no matter what anyone or anything that  makes you think that it is created differently. For all has been created equally and each of us with our own soul (individuality) and thank God for that!  So please for all of our own sakes and our children s children sake and last to be all of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers sake that have lost their lives for FREEDOM OUR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM FOR MANKIND!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  I cry out and pray that this world full of the forgotten commandment of only one sentence do unto others as you as an individual would want to been done unto you. I know this world would become the heaven that we all are waiting and looking for wright before our eyes.

 May God Bless us all and help us to remember what our creator really means and not what it  is or what its name is, and last but not least who he is but why did he create us all in his own image all equally but as individualist with souls of our own to think and create as it does. Creation is a wonderful, thoughtful and artistic thing in this whole universe let us all wake up and be thankful for this beautiful life that we still can Cherise!!!



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