Re: stop the genicide in sudan!!!

There's a quote in the movie Blood Diamond when, if I can remeber this correctly, the natives were discussing the war caused by the diamond trade with other countries.  They said something along the lines of, "Every time they (they being the European countries) find something new here -- salt, gold, diamonds -- a war always follows.  Let's just hope they don't find oil.'  Politicians put a ridiculous amount of effort into covering up the horrible realities and giving us just the basic facts, things you hear on the news.  When people of some high social importance go to these countries, they say they go to show us the 'truth' but form what I've seen they just get the abriged version, not the whole story.  It is horrible that genocide is even happening today, but we have become neutral to it.  If someone mentions the Holocaust, my experience is that everyone around shuts up and pays attenntion, but you mention the genocide in Africa, a few peopel will say, "Oh, that's sad," or, "I wish I could do more to help," and that's that.  Keep in mind, this my personal experience.  Obviously, a reevalution of myself and the people I associate with wouldn't hurt.  But thos that do help I think have the biggest hearts in the world, and those that make a lifetime effort helping these people have indescribable amounts of humility and kindness.  Of course, I have a few conflicting opinions.  The main one being is that sticking our nose in other people's business is not always the fstest way to solve problems.  My parents always told me when I was perfect, I could tell other people what to do.  Every nation today has inumerable amounts of problems and I think we should be working from the inside out, first the problems at home, then the problems over there.  Clearly, if this was done things like the conflicts in Iraq (no, its not a war, quit calling it that) and the threats of nuclear war and WMDs would not exist, and people would be friendlier.  But, I am all for the help anyone and everyone is giving to stop the genocide in Sudan, we as a world just need to take time to fix things at home, too.  Taking baby steps never killed anyone, and it could even help stop the killing now.  

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