Re: should evolution be taught in 'public' schools

Of a matter of course, Evolution should most definately be taught in the public realm.  That this issue is being debated AT ALL is the alarming question.  The science of our day, i.e. D.N.A., does in NO WAY exclude a divine CREATOR, or  a GOD.  We have seen how the Library of Alexander was destroyed by war and a faction of powerful people screamed "GOD, GOD, GOD" And then we had to re-invent the steam engine, the modern surgical techniques, and SOLAR POWER.  The reason it is known as the DARK AGES is because they killed science and scientists as a form of CONTROL.  This particular science in no way negates the miracle of life.  The evidence, in fact, concurs with the notion of choas into order.  " Out of dust.." speaks one religion, "From a few chemicals of the Sea" speaks another, and yet another speaks "Of the Stars thou have come".  All of them are absolutly truth.  The debate is not so much of whether or not Evolution should be taught-it is more whether or not dogma should be imposed among the education system as we know it.

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