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Re: Senator, why don't you actually DO something

There are two fundamental problems with this line of thinking in relation to vehicles:

  • The Manufacturers are unwilling to participate except to the level of vehicle efficiency mandated by the government. The government is not going to change the efficiency improvement levels that are already in place. And the efficiency improvements do not sufficiently address things like trucks, SUVs, and the like.
  • The Consumer is not going to go for such vehicles any time soon. The average consumer is only partly interested in fuel efficiency - size and amenities in a vehicle are also very much in the consumer's mind when a purchase is being considered. Then there are the aftermarket products, such as high-rise modifications to make a truck look as though it stomp a Saturn without going into four wheel drive, or a 500-watt stereo system (which often requires an oversized alternator to power, which, in turn, requires more fuel to power). If you look at the sales ratio of truck/SUV vs. passenger vehicles, and do the math of the comparable fuel ratings based on that ratio, you'll see what I mean. People don't want nice, efficient transportation, they want the ability to intimidate the 'nice' vehicles with something nearly the size of a half-track. They also don't care that those of us who strictly walk, bicycle, or use public transportation have an equal right to the road. I do all three (and don't own a vehicle), and it can get ugly at times. How many people do you know that hop into their hummer to go to the store for a gallon of milk? Bleah.

Live on Tuesday | Personal finance in the COVID-19 era

Sallie Krawcheck and Bob Kulhan will be talking money, jobs, and how the pandemic will disproportionally affect women's finances.

4 ways to promote neurogenesis in your brain

How can we promote the creation of new neurons - and why is it so important?

We can promote the development of new neurons well into adulthood - and here's why we should.

Image by vrx on Shutterstock
Mind & Brain
  • Neurogenesis, the birth of neurons from stem cells, happens mostly before we are born - as we are formed in the womb, we are generating most of what we need after birth.
  • After birth, neurogenesis is still possible in two parts of the brain: the olfactory bulb (which is responsible for our sense of smell) and the hippocampus (which is responsible for memory, spatial navigation, and emotional processing).
  • Research from the 1960s proves creating new neurons as adults is possible, and modern-day research explains how (and why) we should promote new neuron growth.
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Why is everyone so selfish? Science explains

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the perception of selfishness among many.

Credit: Adobe Stock, Olivier Le Moal.
Personal Growth
  • Selfish behavior has been analyzed by philosophers and psychologists for centuries.
  • New research shows people may be wired for altruistic behavior and get more benefits from it.
  • Crisis times tend to increase self-centered acts.
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How Hemingway felt about fatherhood

Parenting could be a distraction from what mattered most to him: his writing.

Ernest Hemingway Holding His Son 1927 (Wikimedia Commons)
Culture & Religion

Ernest Hemingway was affectionately called “Papa," but what kind of dad was he?

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The biology of aliens: How much do we know?

Hollywood has created an idea of aliens that doesn't match the science.

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