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First, as to "mind numbing ooze", this strike includes not only THOSE writers, but writers of truly exceptional material, like "There Will Be Blood", or "No Country For Old Men", or "Juno", or "30 Rock", or "24", or any number of other films and shows that move and entertain a whole lot of people. It is a HUGE mistake to generalize here. Second of all, all these comments about "whiny" artists who are in it just for the money is absurd! If you knew JUST HOW HARD it is to break into the business of writing (TRY IT!), just how hard it is to forge a middle-class living, you would NEVER make that remark. Of course there is great potential if you are successful, like virtually any other job. But success in the arts, more than any other professions, is a CRAPSHOOT. This strike is not just about writers, or actors, or directors, or producers. It is the classic battle between labor and management and ALL Americans should be concerned. And management has largely dictated the rules of the game. Is it any wonder that CEO's all across the nation get MILLIONS in annual salary, while typical blue collar, hard-working men and women struggle to insure their kids adequately, or pay the mortgage on a modest home? It is WAY too easy to point the finger at "whiny" artists. But then you end up sounding like "the complainer" in Dire Straits "Money for Nothing". Resist the temptation to take the easy way out. . Study the issue, dig deeper. Because if the writers lose AGAIN, it will set a dangerous precedent for other industries, whose CEO's are watching VERY carefully. 

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