Re: Re: Why are you a vegan?

I'm a little frustrated that people have found a way to include that political perspective into something as personal as what you eat. Nutrition should be the only deciding factor. For one thing, can humans eat meat? really? do we have the same stomach acids of that of a dog or other carnivore to devour meat like we do on television and meat eating contests? NO. Most of the times that humans ingest meat it is followed by discomfort and a really long and tiring digestive process. The meat takes various days to digest so while you pack some more on at your next meal your first pieces of meat pile up in your intestinal tract. Yeah, thats why raw meat literali sticks to your colon thus, a main cause for colon cancer.  Bad part of it is that with meat you get a great amount of protein but so many other damaging things about meat that for me, makes it useless to eat it.  For example, the fat of meat is the main reason why meat is so hard to digest and its the animal fat that your body can't metabolize to it rides along with your blood cells until it clumps up at some point, oxidises creates an infection then is diagnosed as  Heart disease!

I never go through this much trouble eating soy protein, or enjoying protein from my broccoli. Being a vegeterian is too easy! my kitchen doesn't have to be constantly disenfected for bacteria my dishes mainly get a rinse to clean if there is no fat or oil consumed. Imagine number 2 that even you don't notice a smell! I could go on about the benefits. But let me tell you, PETA didn't make the choice for me. 

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