Re: Re: What will stop the dollar from falling?

Trajectory hopes that Americans "WILL BEGIN TO RECOGNIZE AND ADDRESS THIS ISSUE (trade deficit) SOON."

That's almost exactly what the dealers in currencies feel about America's response to the trashing of the dollar -- that Americans are so arrogantly oblivious that they think the world will admire us when a politician BEGINS to RECOGNIZE the problem that started with Jimmy Carter-- and that we will BEGIN to ADDRESS the issue (meaning that Maria Bartiromo will TALK about it after the impact of Britney's breakdown is fully grasped.


USA has to take immediate effective action, such as imposing a 40% -250% tariff on all goods and parts coming in from countries with wages under $3 an hour.

This is an emergency!

In addition, USA has to immediately mandate that ALL cars sold in USA have flex-fuel capability. We also need a "Manhattan-project" to develop new fuel sources RIGHT AWAY!

"BEGIN to RECOGNIZE and ADDRESS the issue" is exactly the wrong thing to do.

Flops, brought to you by A.I.

"To err" is to be robotic — apparently.

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  • About 3.1 million individuals could lose their job to self-driving cars.
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