Re: Re: What is America's role in the Middle East?

I think The United States' role in the middle east is to support Israel, secure oil REVENUES for international corporations and to provide mercenary defense to very wealthy sheikdoms.

What we should be doing is

  • Encouraging Israel to go out into the world and start fighting against genocide aimed at muslem minorities.  They could invite the Palistenians to engage in joint operations in Darfur for example.  Who is going to want to exterminate a country that is defending your religon?  That is the meaning of NEVER AGAIN,  Never Again.
  • Put a $1.00 per gallon tax on oil and gasoline and use that money to erect neighborhood windmills, install roof shingle solar cells on every building, construct trash to energy power generating systems around the country and most importantly - recycle the profits from these ventures to pay for more of the same.  This is good for oil producing nations as well.  Their resources and their income will last longer.
  • If the United States knew what was best for the middle east, we would have solved their problems after the two world wars.  We need to BACK OFF.  We need to STOP what we are doing.  19 Saudi Arabians attack the World Trade Center.  They are led and inspired by a Yemmani Saudi.  We attack the Yemmani Saudi in Afganistan, but not really because we need an enemy to be afraid of.  Then we invade Iraq because maybe nobody will notice we need a secure place to get oil because China and India are going to suck every other source dry within 20 years.  Then we try to pick a fight with Iran for God knows why, we support Israel attacking Lebonnan AND THEN WE SEND OUR PRESIDENT TO THE REGION AS GLEEFULLY AS A BRIDE TO HER WEDDING BOWER WITH BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF OUR BEST WEAPONS!

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