Re: Re: What is America's greatest challenge?

America's biggest challenge is its declining health - both physical and intellectual. Education has become too expensive for millions of people, and so is health care. On top of it, lifestyles are eroding health even further. People spend endless hours in front of TV and in consuming many other forms of entertainment. More people worship a beautiful body than a beautiful mind.

For many decades we have had infusion of fresh and healthy immigrants that has kept America young. Some of the world's best ended up contributing to America's greatness. But it may not continue in future due to our own discouraging immigration policies and the emerging prosperity of nations such as India and China who are competing for intellectual capital in their own countries.

The quality and nature of our education system is another issue. Is our education really appropriate? Is it even education? We seem to train people as specialized raw material for the industries of the time, rather than educate them broadly. When the economic environment changes and new industries emerge, these so called 'educated' people suddenly become illiterate. Is this really education?

The most important assets that make any nation great are the quality of its people. Maintaining the high quality of our people is our biggest challenge as only the high quality inputs can make a high quality product, be it a widget or a nation.

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